I have had the pleasure for the past 35 years of coaching  and mentoring hundreds of young actors and performers, many who have gone on to successful careers in the  performing arts.



I also coach young people in Personal Development Programs that use a multi-disciplinary approach to build creativity,  improve written and spoken  communication skills, and  enhance self confidence in young people.

Arts education is not only for kids who want careers in the visual and performing arts. Studies measuring creative visualization, critical thinking, problem solving and reasoning, reveal that when arts education is added to the educational mix, improvement is accelerated.  The  arts have been shown to help students  develop habits of sustained focus,  increase their  powers of observation, and enhance their ability to think and make good decisions.

With my multi-disciplinary- arts based approach students develop powerful communication skills,  learn to organize and communicate their ideas clearly,   develop their imaginative expression,  improve their creative writing abilities, and acquire the confidence needed for success.

Some of the skills we practice are public speaking, story-telling, writing poetry, comedy, and the art of debate.

My  students learn to build  powerful public speaking presentations, write and tell stories, and gain the self confidence to  interact with peers and adults with ease.

They also learn useful social skills including necessary emotional intelligence skills that will last a life time and help them be successful in all they do.

As a professional visual and performing artist I have a wealth of skills and experiences to draw from.  I am also a certified Life skills coach and educator– a  certified practitioner of various forms of educational, therapeutic and life enhancing creative modalities and over 30 years teaching and facilitating in educational and community settings.

My Fine Arts Education includes a Master of Fine Arts  from California Institute of the Arts -and I am a graduate of Vancouver’s prestigious acting school Studio 58.

If you would like to know about my one on one private coaching sessions tailored to meet the individual needs of each student please contact me at 604-505-3804 or email me at:On the canal purple




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