About me

I am a painter/ performer and playwright, grateful to be living and working in beautiful Coast Salish Territory other wise know as Vancouver British Colombia Canada.

I have performed extensively throughout the United States and Canada  directed 44 plays and I have co-created and directed solo-shows that  have been seen in Canada, the US, England, and Europe.

I have also  written extensively for children and youth, including Sesame street and other children’s television as well as written and directed children’s theatre.

I love to teach acting for the stage and my skill set includes dance, stage movement, voice, script analysis, character work, monologue work, and solo performance. I also love to teach various forms of art and creativity.  I live for the  wonders of the creative process and am inspired by helping others find theirs.

I have worked on projects in various educational and therapeutic settings such as with groups of native elders, centres for people dealing with mental health issues, Teens dealing with addiction and more.

Contact me at mslynna.g@gmail.com. Lynna glasses. WebUse.jpg