My Theatre Projects

2018 was super busy and 2019 has been shaping up to be even more so.

Here are some of the things I have been involved in:

I’ll start with The Centurions Project– a community engaged initiative that brings seasoned professionals and young actors together in a timely and topical play by award winning Vancouver playwright Sally Stubbs. The play focuses on youth, sexual violence and the impact of technology.  We  completed a residency with Boca Del Lupo to explore the integration of film and video with live performance. Up and coming a  more in-depth design residency at the Shadbolt Centre in Burnaby BC  and then a premiere run at The Evergreen Theatre in Coquitlam this coming August.

The Centurions Project Residency Team, Fishbowl, March 2018.jpg

I also am working on another community engaged art and performance  project about Mixed Ancestry Called The Tangled Roots Project. It’s an exploration of Mixed Roots story-telling, art making and Performance. I will be performing an interdisciplinary multi-media work in that project.  It’s early days so more– later.

And last but definitely not least one of my very favourite projects ever.  Sink or Swim written and performed by Beverley Elliott  with musical direction by Bill Costin.  This show was infused with love and fun from day one and I am so proud of it.

We will be heading to the Blyth Festival in 2019– after our 2018 tour of Presentation House, Richmond Gateway and the Evergreen, and our amazing trip to  New York City  where we won the best musical in the United Solo Festival, we are excited to be heading to the Blyth Festival in Ontario.   Beverley is an amazing performer and gorgeous singer and audiences love her. So do I. Bill Costin is the perfect on stage partner for Beverley. They are an amazing team. His piano work is brilliant, evocative– and he gets to act a little in this one too. It has been a pure pleasure working on this show.  Jordan Watkins has supplied his wonderful  projections and I can’t wait to see it performed in Blyth.

Right now I am busy writing and teaching and tinkering with my own up and coming solo show and in the fall which is actually going to be my ver first solo exhibit of  my paintings and multi-media works in November of 2019.

and here’s me on a recent cruise. Well actually it’s the Aqua bus to Granville Island. LOL. #Livin’ the life.




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