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So what’s new?

I am delighted that our Fringe show staring Beverley Elliott  and directed by me won for the 2016  Pick of the Fringe. I had such a wonderful time working on that show with a wonderful team of artists and the amazing Beverley Elliott.  The show has bookings for 2017 and 2018. This is a wonderful thing.


We performed the Encore presentation at Performance Works for an incredibly enthusiastic audience and we are looking forward to an un and coming tour. More details about that coming soon.

You might know Beverley from the hit show Once upon a Time on ABC. She plays Granny. You can visit her website here

Last spring I directed a hit show written by Loretta Seto, called  Dirty Old Woman starring Susinn McFarlen at the Cultch.  We sold out every performance of the run and that was pretty exciting.

Right now I am  in writing mode. I am writing two original musicals one with Bill Costin and Dylan McNulty and one all by myself called Sally Lives Here. I performed Sally Lives Here a few years ago as a solo performance experiment directed by Sarah Rodgers and I have been developing it into a musical on and off for the past few years You can read about the solo show here. I have moved it up on my list of writing priorities so I will keep you posted.

If  you are interested in seeing my paintings drawings and other scribbles and doodles come visit here.

I  am one of the co-artistic directors of a playwright based theatre company called Wet Ink Collective.  If you would like to learn more about that you can visit us here

If you would like to contact me leave a note in the comments or you can find me at or




I love the spirit of the Fringe Festival. I love the unbridled creativity. I am so happy to be part of it again after all these years.

“I love that I am bringing my brand new play Sally Lives Here to the Vancouver Fringe. I am so glad I decided to do this”

The whole process from the first scribbles through to the final rehearsal draft has been a labour of love. I am looking forward to sharing it in a few short weeks. My creative team Sarah Rodgers, Bill Moyssey, and Mike Schaldemose are helping me bring the show to life on stage. I love the process of taking this imaginary world that I have built on paper and then extending the process with the director and the design team. It’s always a thrill. And I am super excited to be in the Fringe after so many years.

The Fringe Festival is like a band of creative gypsies coming to town, with wagon loads of unbridled creativity. 

What’s not to love?

And it’s one of the best ways I know of to bring new work to life.

I hope lots of folks come see my new work because audiences are the key ingredient to making the magic.

Are you listening Theatre Gods? Tell everyone. Whisper in their ears.
Tell them to come see Sally LIves Here at the Vancouver Fringe. September 8-18th. Amen

Rainbow over East Vancouver.